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Thread: Tips and info for PeroPero Seduction

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    janngo Guest

    NEED help

    OK so here is what happened 1st i went to explore then beat the boss for the 1st time then i tried exploring again but this time when i tried it it didn't go to the 2nd boss fight instead of that nothing happened so then i tried changing the perofriends to accept then for some unknown reason when i tried it this way when i explored again this time it worked so i was able to beat the boss for the 2nd time but unfortunately no matter what i try i cant get the 3rd boss fight to happen. so please tell me how to make it so that i can unlock the 3rd boss fight.

    P.S. i desperately need help.

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    Even SR girls?

    As I'm making my way towards 5-3 should I even stay at each stop to get the SR ones aswell? (can take forever without reveal)

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