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Thread: Scrub Questions

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    Scrub Questions

    Hi, guys. So I've been playing for a while... still around 130k SED, and I got a few questions :/

    1. R gacha tickets: Use them or feed to kurito?
    2. Is Kurito's Nest generally worth it? If yes, what should I feed to her to make it worth?
    3. When do you guys usually use your Card Reveals?

    Thanks in advance x3

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    1. If you've only got 130k, use them. You need the girls.

    2. It's more useful in the endgame, once you're set up.

    3. I save them for eGatcha after I get a montage pretty much exclusively. Or if you're still working through Explore and don't have the SR's for a stage yet and a montage pops up, they're fair game.

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    I save my Card Reveals for 3 occasions:
    1) For Event Gacha
    2) For Guaranteed SR gacha (since I don't have all SR cards from there yet)
    3) For the final step in the "find girls" daily, when I manage to already get one or two of the required 3 girls. This is only useful if you're after Ex-levels for specific girls, and thus only if you already unlocked Ex-levels. Even then, I make sure to keep a bunch of card reveals for the Event Gacha, since that's way more important than Ex-levels, so I only do this when I still have more than 10 card reveals anyway.

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    130k is I think either tail end of early game or beginning of mid game... either way, Drip's endgame strategy on #3 might be one you want to work into when you unlock Ex levels, (I usually don't bother with stage 3 or 4 of it til I run out of other mission types). I'm bookmarking it for later as I only have 382k, which I still consider midgame.

    3. Definitely save card reveals for situations where you really need them. Like:
    - SR Gatcha, (I go with every play since I rarely get a ticket). Use it to find SRs you don't have yet or are hard to get. (Play your wild cards to build up levels, don't waste gatchas on them since a brand new card usually gives you more total seduction than a single card level will).
    - R Gatcha only if you hit a montage and know there might be an SR you need in there. (Check the card availability before playing your tickets).
    - Event Gatcha pretty much every play, since I'm hoping for slayers.

    2. The wiki had kurito's nest info on what you could sort of expect from each donation. I don't think Rare gatchas gave you much you needed. I have fed a few to Kurito, but don't recommend it yet, the payoffs are pretty sucky for where you are in the game right now.

    1. Save R Gatcha cards for the end of the day, especially if you're doing the "find X number of R/SR cards" missions, that's when they're most helpful. R gatcha does not seem to have slayers in it, so no rush to use them immediately. But do use them, gatchas are how you build up your seduction early on. Treat the card list like it was Pokemon and catch them all.

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