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    Game doesn't load in Chrome?

    So, this has gone on for some time, but I've finally come around to asking about it: I've never been able to load this game. I usually use Chrome, and when the page is loaded, it shows a black loading flash screen for a brief moment, but then the page is completely blank besides the headers and background.

    I've seen some talk that the cache needed to be cleared, but even after doing so, the loading just takes a slight while longer before repeating the above sequence.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue, and if so, what did you do to work around it?

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    i have THAT same problem someone pls fix this (;_/

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    Had the same issue. Fixed it by clicking on the info icon to the left of the url and changing the flash setting from "default (ask)" to "always allow".

    Why it didn't ask when the setting was ask I'll never know, especially since it'd asked before and I told it yes...

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