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    Event Gacha Box was reset again

    As title says.
    Guess that means no investments in this game for a long while again, until I clear that box.
    The price for getting 30 minutes of unlimited focus within the current event was also raised.
    It's almost like they want to get rid of the majority of their paying customers, and only want a handful of whales and a ton of F2P players using bots and secondary accounts.

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    I thought it was just me. I came back after a long while, spent a fair bit clearing the event gacha box.. and now it bloody reset? Seriously WTF is this. I wrote an angry email to them complaining about this. I think I will just stop spending, if not playing altogether unless they revert the change.

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    I would assume the next logical step is resetting the box after every event - no chance to slow burn the SRs down so you can pull anything you actually want. I wonder how much this game makes, and why they feel the need to push so hard.

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    Okay, wait, the box un-reset itself, and now it's been reset again? What the hell is going on?

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    the people who run this game are incompetent, that's what's up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    the people who run this game are incompetent, that's what's up
    It's only incompetence if they lose money and screwing people over for profit is not considered incompetence, it's what they call "just business"

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