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Thread: Special cards

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    Special cards

    I have apparently missed the fact that some of the cards I have collected are Special cards and add to the multiplier for my SED.
    How do I identify which cards will increase the multiplier so I can concentrate on leveling those up?
    I have identified a couple that are from this and the last event but I have apparently not updated all of them.


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    Go to the card list for the normal and event gachas. SEC will be listed as alpha or beta and if you have them you can level them up by clicking on them from the list.
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    Looking at the card details in the Event Gacha is how I found I had two cards for this event that needed leveling up but I suspect I have cards from previous to this event that need to be leveled up as well.

    I have N1.32 X R2.63 X SR 1.0

    I have Manaka Taneda R currently at Lvl 73
    Kanami Kazaki R currently at Lvl 41
    That probably accounts for the R but I do not know where the N and SR values are coming from. Neither show girls I have in this event gacha so I assume they are from past events and I may still need to level them up.

    I have been doing things the slow way trying to search on every card name but cannot find any information on which cards might be them.
    I have also been trying to update cards to levels that are multiples of 10 to see if the above values increase but so far have not found any.
    Have there been SR cards that were 1.0 at max level?


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    Maiko and Ayaka (SR), Manaka Taneda (R) and Minako Arihoro (N) are the current alphas.

    Asuka Takasaki (SR), Kanami Kizaki (R) and Chinami Kasai (N) are the current betas.

    Chawol (SR) and Miyu Aizawa (R) are the previous event's alphas which count as betas for this event.
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