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    Do not play this stinking game

    Rank is run by bots, most of any added friends are comp leaches with zero activity except to full your friend list. The top players are gm's designed too keep you spending with full access to all consumables without spending on them. Meaning you'll never compete fairly.

    Now the game is literally broken undoubtedly buggered. The rank goes up in this event not down every boss killed is adding to my player rank going up. I haven't stopped slept maybe 2 hours and from 800 yesterday prior to maintenance, it is now at 1200. Impossible when I have stopped killing bosses. Constantly adding seduction and killing them faster. I haven't been using consumables no need except on mega bosses elixir and I am killing those when they've appeared as I do have some friend list playing that aren't the leeching bots. The cards are censored, most are so ugly you run away from if they were real. The few fetishes are rare and the babes are rarer. The mini games have had no design or thought into them literally a conversation about bullshit as you inject them candy why? Somebody dev should have thought conversation from card animation no that was too much thought for this micro transaction con where the dev's literally suck each other off. Go on the discord and you've got closed community unwelcoming to anybody else.

    In short this game is the worst on Nutaku, literally the gambling element causes an addiction until you realize its nightmare. The comic okay was fun until censorship and it merged into more or less the same crapwork experience throughout the lessening gameplay. At least the comic had a story. This game just has bugs and micro transactions. I am sure some other schoolboys might find some milk money.

    Myself and every other serious gamer this game is big huge no.

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    Seems like you need to get a life lol

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