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the comment about source code is kinda funny

i only recently learned about this project/thread, and had already been making my own efforts to grab peropero
[and made some efforts towards flower knight...]

as i understand, DMM never went into the effort of obfuscating code. they weirdly did obfuscate filenames, a lot, but it's possible to reverse the code and deal with this, well, for most of the ones i've encountered. pero pero was especially unfriendly to this since it didn't generate the filenames, but fetched them from some fairly non-exploitable server APIs... >.>

i'm gonna take a look at this stuff, myself
i was originally brought to nutaku with the main mission of doing rips of games, specifically, hitsuji... i just didn't have the disk space to grab it all, and i failed to relay certain information about how laughably easy extracting most assets were... i then ultimately quit playing it well before the closure... still haunts me how close i was, and i was just too lazy/uninterested to at least relay what i could. my hacking/coding skills weren't quite where they are now, though...

anyways, all the game code for pero pero should be in the client-side SWFs, fully unprotected... given the way pero pero is mainly a slot machine with some story and card-collecting, the most complicated bit would probably be dealing with the story module. and honestly, from what i've seen, it's really not very complicated at all... that doesn't mean to say this is an extremely easy process... just, the source code is there, in some form... Decompiling tends to be discouraged, but i find this funny when technically none of us should have the game assets, anyways.
Was there any progress with this?