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    Unregistered Guest

    Looking for active players

    I keep getting people that are very inactive, need good friends. Im lvl 39, sed is 573,401. Please add me! my ID is:1315590

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    Abandon ship friend, most of us have

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    Quote Originally Posted by learnyoursin View Post
    Abandon ship friend, most of us have
    Just out of curiosity, why would you be leaving this game?

    Btw, I've sent you a request OP.

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    sorry for the late reply, I stopped looking in this forum because it seemed no one was posting any longer.

    I've abandoned Peropero because it's just not sustainable for me anymore. I put some money in to clear the E-Gacha slowly the first time and managed to get it so pulling the Event cards wasn't too much of a slog. The fact that they then proceeded to refill the E-gacha (mostly with cards I already had) made the slog that the game had become unbearable. for months I had been asking myself why I was still playing - and the answer was it didn't take much for me to rank high - maybe a few bucks a month max. Then the seemingly bi-weekly "card sales" started to show up - and that was more cards that I could not get without paying money. The reset of the E-gacha was a deal breaker for me, because now there I can't trust that an 'empty' E-gacha will remain as such. The fact that they can reset it with no collateral just rubs me the wrong way I guess.

    So TL;DR - I don't like the direction that PeroPero is heading in, and I think a lot of the low spenders would agree (it also doesn't help that we have no guarantee of content past the Japanese release - which would mean the game will close sooner or later regardless.)

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    Fair enough, I see why one would leave the game. Their management seems to hurt completionists who are not willing to spend money regularly.

    Thank you for your reply and sharing your experience.

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    In case anyone else is looking for actives, I just pruned my list today. 685k sed ID: 4587782

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    ProPorn Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I keep getting people that are very inactive, need good friends. Im lvl 39, sed is 573,401. Please add me! my ID is:1315590
    I would add you (ID: 66278 1,16 M SED) but you're full

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    Unregistered Guest

    im almost 2 mil sed add if you want

    487640.i for some reason even i don't know still play

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    I started playing again recently
    ID: 453761
    Name is same as here
    SED: 877,126

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    Friend Code

    Just started: 6443986

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