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  1. 6* Choice?

    Got a Special Exchange Ticket for 1000 Coins/$10, BUT I DON'T KNOW WHICH WAIFU TO GET

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  2. How to tell max power level?

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  3. 1 time only gacha question

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  4. Evolution question

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  5. Giving away account

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  1. How do you edit the wiki? I want to place stats and images.

    I plan to make my accounts somewhat useful
  2. you can have a look at http://harem-battle.club/wiki/Flower-Knight-Girl/FKG:Contribute page. It's not complete yet, but well, game was just released
  3. Tomaa, in the contribution template, Profile descriptions appear to be missing.
  4. you probably mean unit template. I seen Anthioch is just modifying it so hold on util he updates it everywhere
  5. So... does anyone have any idea why I'm not getting any images when I "Inspect Element"? I am using firefox, and it works just fine with Duel Squad, but nothing shows on FKG except for the thumbnails for the recommended games, my avatar and the Nutaku logo.
  6. Just a note that with the 4* units I list the stats on. I automatically try to deduct the stats shown at level 1 from the affection boost because its how they get those cray cray stat amounts at level 1

    EDIT: Actually, quite possibly, all my 4* unit level 1 stats might be wrong because I ran into a contradiction
    Found out level 1 stats via pre-character upgrade preview


    When going to the gift screen, was going to deduct affection bonus number shown. I look at the level 2 stats and its actually lower than the level 1 pre-character update.

    Can anyone test this?
  7. If in doubt just look them up on the JP wiki. Where does it show level 1 stats though?
  8. Heh, seems there is some official wiki for FKG.
  9. Gamepedia might be the "official" wiki, but the WikiFarm at Harem-Battle is "dedicated" to Nutaku, and quite bigger and longer running (I assume). Though it is nice to see how both sides evolve differently.
    I'm pretty active on Discord (Name: Kaizo), FKG: 442009523
    IWProd: Zonanos En, Profile: http://api-x.idolwars-nutaku.dmmgame...ata/index/2477 (link only works when logged in)
    Join the unofficial IW-Community: https://discord.gg/GJxcKs2 (around 500 members, Top10 of Prods are there as well)
  10. Nutaku trying to one up us!!?!? If there's actual Nutaku people working on it I would hope that they upload some resources we can use. But given how they treated their previous Wikias, we'll have to see how this one actually works out.
  11. I've not seen one yet, just the one that was for the original dmm game.
    But still, I highly doubt nutaku employees would be the ones working on it. They have more important things for their business to work on. It will still be left to the players to complete, and if past examples are any example, the members here will easily make a superior wiki.

    Call me biased if you must, but I love you guys so much. I really do.
  12. How do units abilities work?
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    Are we ever going to be getting the "Garden" feature? I'm interested to see how that works.
  14. This wiki is looking more and more official, keep up the good work guys.
    Nutaku name: neokuma
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    Flower Knight Girl name: neokuma
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    It may as well be the official wiki cause the other one has so little content xD
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    anyone knows about the serial code ?
    I see the banner which to teach us to get the reward between game play frame and game info frame
    but no word let me know how to get the code
  17. Here you go: YQ7B 6OPM 8926 AIAD
  18. Nice, thanks Tomaa!
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    If it's an ongoing thing maybe we should make a page dedicated for serial code?
  20. I guess we could, but the codes are usually dumped on the forums anyway.
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    I bet there will be people asking for it here everytime a new one come out
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    thank's a lot.
    it's so magic that the code can be use more than once !
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  24. Is there any page that explains about the solar blast ability? I'm curious about the damage count.
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    Today afternoon (GMT+8) , there is an event appear...?

    in GACHA , a new lebel " LIMIT " was been add .
    spend 5 gems to draw a flower knight and only once
    it must be a 5 star knight.

    WHY the event will appear without maintenance ?
    does it a reparation ? for what ?
  26. thats not an event, just limited gacha reset
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    How long will it be reset again ?
  28. I notice that every squad's speed seems caused how long every step moves
    anyone agree this ?
  29. That's correct.

    Squad Speed = distance the Squad moves each step
  30. thanx 4 answer
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    use google chrome
  32. Has anyone else noticed a glitch with the stamina you pick up on gatherings? Sometimes I pick up about 40 stamina and my bar doesn't change, and sometimes I pick up barely anything and my stamina goes up by like 200.

    Edit: I also just noticed that my stamina went backwards a bit after reloading the page. There seems to be lots of glitches with this.
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    Well, I HADN'T noticed an issue anywhere until I read this..and just now, *poof*, lost 80+ stamina gathering. Should've taken me up around 140 or so, instead I'm down around 36. Guess I'm done with Red/Blue spirits for now.. Huh.
  34. Yeah... And I just had full gathers, and clicking on it wasn't doing anything. So I reloaded the page and they were all gone (with nothing gained).
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    So it happened to me again this morning; just went out for a while, page had timed out, so I refreshed, and it went back to where it would've been. I had "105" when I came back home, but after the refresh, I have "173" or something. Yeah, thats more like it. If I refresh IMMEDIATELY it doesn't go back for me. Vexing, indeed!

    I will say I'm afraid now to gather until I've got 0 Stamina though..
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    Uhhh...just had a communication error, and right now after that refresh.... I have 393/197 stamina..

    No complaints....
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    How do you get the H-scenes for your characters? Im lvl 47 and 3 girls maxed affection and I haven't gotten a single H-scene. I looked at videos and I dont have the Hscene and raise affection buttons in Collections. Are the scenes JP only or do i need to do something to activate them? Any help would be appreciated
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    To get H-scene, first make sure you're playing the NSFW version, go to office, then gifts, and give gifts to the girls you want the h-scene for.
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    Thank you very much!!!!! fixed my problem. didnt know about the NSFW version
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    TheAnimeMan just released a sponsored video with a promocode (YOU2V53ANQYG
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    I could't find H-scene, and I saw that you need to put NSFW mode, but I couldn't find it too. Do you guys now how to fix it ? Thanks
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    Hi! Why St Paulia's 3rd char quest's ending scene is still in japanese??? Fix it!!!
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    Why i cant finish second phase in 80 stamina, in Urgent Mission. When in end then it goes error and reset page, but u lost all stamina still
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Why i cant finish second phase in 80 stamina, in Urgent Mission. When in end then it goes error and reset page, but u lost all stamina still
    I got the same problem too ... already tried twice and now my 160 stamina are gone T^T
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    Try to use another browser. I got this error 2 times on chrome and then used yandex browser - all working.
  46. Quote Originally Posted by Aryan Aquila View Post
    Is there any page that explains about the solar blast ability? Im curious about the damage count.
    Yes. It took me a while to find, but i was curious enough to keep looking. It's at the following link:

    If you're too lazy to click the link here's the formula:
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    There's a bug that the black box on right bottom screen on mission map (that count how many coins, gacha seed, and chests we collect so far in the mission) only add half coins and gacha seeds of killing pest reward right after my knights killed them, then it added the other half after the screen change back to the mission map. (Eg. after my knights kill a boss and a coin pic appear with number 100, the black box only add 50 coins (106 > 156). After the screen got back from battle screen to the mission map it add 50 other (156 > 206).) Not a problem though, this made me confuse and though "why am i only got half of killing reward?" before.
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    Why the dmm version differs from version nutaku more variety?
  49. anyone know what is the max player level? and what's the Level:Stamina ratio
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    Quote Originally Posted by jpaoloa View Post
    anyone know what is the max player level? and whats the Level:Stamina ratio
    I have friend with 120 lvl but i don't know max lvl. I think no max lvl.

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